Friday, February 05, 2010

Polygamy in America

The current controversy surrounding the military policy toward homosexuals openly practicing their sexual desires is raging all around us. At the same time, many Christian Pastors are asking about ways they can best minister to the people in their congregations that are actively hooking up with others male and female; human and animal. The current push toward sexual confusion and sexual sharing is a headlong rush toward disaster and we are on the lip of the precipice right now.

The political pundits usually discuss homosexual behavior in the military and heterosexual sharing on grounds of personal choice, fairness and civil liberties. It is a "legal matter' they say. There are no consequences beyond accepting all persons as they are.

Pastors, on the other hand, tend to discuss the issue in moral terms. The Left Wing group like the aggressively gay Episcopal Bishop Robinson said it is awful that Conservatives preach hate between parents and their gay children. Conservatives say that Bishop Robinson preaches hate for them and for God's Law.

There are other important psychological, emotional and physical issues to be faced. The USA and Western Europe is moving toward what can only be described as "Practical Polygamy in Homo and Heterosexual Behavior". Technically, this might not be polygamy but it is the sharing of sexual partners without regard to the long term results.

What do you think will be the results of such activities in family life, society and our institutions like the military? Because of the high divorce and remarriage rates we are already seeing the rapid destruction of emotional balance in children and youth along with a dramatic increase in addictions, mental disorders and poor parenting skills.

Most murders and violence are committed by relatives or a person close to the victim. Open, unbridled sexual interactions leads to destruction. The most dangerous time for a women and her children is when she attempts to leave her violent partner. How will such emotional upheavals affect the military? We are already seeing it affect them because of the importation of more women in the ranks of fighters.

Sex is not robotic. It cannot be part of the military or hook ups without deep emotional, spiritual and physical implications. Yet, the top military brass and politicians act like we are discussing test tube babies not real people.

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