Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fund Raising

As you may know if you know me, I do not like to do fund raising by sponsoring a lot of golf matches and gala parties. The article below from The Journal of Philanthropy electronic version says why I do not think it is a good idea to get support these kinds of efforts.

Gary Sweeten

November 19, 2007

Galas and Golf Outings Hurt Fund-Raising Efficiency

Are charities hurting themselves by focusing too much on playing host to special events and not enough on face-to-face fund-raising?

Officials from two Long Island nonprofit organizations tackled that question in an opinion article published this weekend in Newsday.

Marsha Gittleman, director of development and public relations at United Cerebral Palsy of Suffolk, and James R. Rennert, province director of development at the Cenacle Sisters, argue that fund raisers are often burning too much energy on costly special events.

In doing so, they argue that they are losing out on the opportunity to raise money through more direct — and less expensive — channels.

“We are beginning to learn, as have our colleagues in fund raising across the river in Manhattan, that it’s easier, quicker and certainly cheaper to get $10,000 from a face-to-face meeting with one person (or company) who expects nothing in return than it is to get a dollar each from 10,000 people at a gala,” write Ms. Gittleman and Mr. Rennert.

That sentiment is echoed by the anonymous author of the blog Don’t Tell the Donor, who says many special events are inefficient.

“The real target of this opinion piece does not appear to be the event planners, caterers, and silent auction promotion companies,” the author writes. “Rather the real target of this piece seems to be fellow development directors who have forgotten how to solicit donations based on the mission of their nonprofit without selling donors a ticket to a gala or an event.”
Are charities leaning too much on special events to raise money? Are there benefits to such events that are ignored in this argument? Click on the comments link below this post to share your thoughts.

Peter Panepento

Posted on Mon Nov 19, 01:43 PM

I hope and pray for you and others will support your churches and charities. If you want to play golf call me and I will play with you personally. If you need some music to spur a gift, call me and I will sing for you. If you need a piece of cold chicken call me and I will take you to KFC for lunch. But is you are interested in supporting compassionate and effective ministries, pray about where to send your hard earned checks.

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