Wednesday, November 07, 2007

What is Happening to Our Society?

Forbidden Behavior by Babies

There is, I think, a growing amount of irrational and hysterical behavior being demonstrated by many well educated people in our society. I was a teacher among poorly educated in southern Illinois, but I never saw such hysteria.

Yesterday my grandson Jacob (12) and I were discussing some of the rigid and foolish rules his Junior High School. The rules forbid such things as ice picks, scissors, guns, knives, machetes and bazookas. (Just kidding) Many schools have a "Zero Tolerance Policy" that requires educators to expel anyone caught with such items. We have all read about six year old kids who were kicked out of school for drawing a gun or bringing blunt scissors to class.

The incident that caused Jacob to bring the subject up was a sign on the door of his great grand mother's nursing home. The sign has a picture of a gun within a circle and a line drawn across it with the words, "Firearms forbidden..." Jacob saw the folly of having such a sign and said, "Papa! Don't bring your guns in here when we visit Greatie." We both laughed at its ridiculous nature.

The news that night included a story that the folly that has overcome our educational system even in southern Illinois, I was born and reared.

Girl gets detention for hugging friends

By Georgina Gustin



MASCOUTAH — A 13-year-old junior high school student was given two days of detention after school officials spotted her hugging friends after school last Friday. (Spies?)

Megan Coulter, an eighth-grade student at Mascoutah Middle School, was hugging her friends goodbye after school Friday when vice principal, Randy Blakely, saw her and told her she would receive two after-school detentions.

Blakely had previously warned Coulter that she was in violation of the school's policy on public displays of affection after she was seen hugging a student at a football game. (Even after school??) The school's policy says that “displays of affection should not occur on the campus at any time.”

Coulter's mother, Melissa Coulter, says she has requested to speak with the School Board at its next meeting, and is mystified about the punishment leveled at her daughter.

Mascoutah Superintendent Sam McGowen said today that the district's policy helps prevent misunderstandings and unwelcome expressions of affection.

The hysteria of educators has already affected the students and led them to disrespect the educational establishment. How can they not lose respect for their teachers and administrators when they behave so immaturely? With educators acting with such rigidity and a lack of commons sense it is no wonder kids are confused.

Every time I fly and see the foolish and politically correct way security is handled at the airports I lose more respect in the ability of the government to protect us. They regularly frisk 85 year old women in wheel chairs to show there is no racial profiling.

I am concerned that the current fear that is gripping our citizens about safety, terror, kidnapping, etc will lead us to remove our constitutional rights and further restrict our freedom of speech and movement.

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paula clare said...

Living only 50 miles or so from the town of Mascoutah, I was curious as to whether or not this was an isolated incident, or if there was a precedent for such an action by the school board...indeed there seems to be.

At a school here in Mt. Vernon a teenage girl was removed (I assume forcibly) for allowing friends to hug HER in the hallway. What I found out later (when asking the family directly) was that (and this would be funny if it weren't so indicative of our society of affection-seeking teenagers)A LINE WAS FORMING IN THE HALLWAY as friends stood and waited for this (very attractive and popular) girl to give them a hug. Yes, the line was "co-ed" and YES, there MAY have been a few whose motives were less than admirable, but for petes sake! They just wanted a hug! A personal touch to let them know they are cared about and seen as an individual. Sheesh...when we are throwing out (with equal vehemence) BOTH students who are toting guns and students who are toting "hugs" Something is VERY wrong with our school systems!