Friday, November 23, 2007

International News about Ministry

Over the past 25 years God has seen fit to send me to places where I needed a passport or a visa almost 100 times. Although I do enjoy learning about other cultures and people jet lag has never been a favorite past time for me.

There is great misunderstanding between Americans and the citizens of most other nations. Back in the Eighties I was speaking with a well educated man who thought all Americans lived in ranch houses like the Dallas TV program. Others thought we fought daily among criminals in drug wars just like they see on TV.

The misunderstandings are also rampant among Americans and sometimes I think we are more mistaken about other nations than they are about us. The USA is a very large country and we travel less to other countries than do many folks from Europe and Asia. And, our media fail to cover the news in foreign countries as much as they cover us.

This morning I got up and started looking at the headlines from the BBC. One that caught my eye had to do with a trial in the country of Turkey. Two young men are charged with the murder earlier this years of a Christian missionary from Germany and a Pastor.

You can read about the trial here

Please pray for Christians to be safe during the trial. I am concerned that the media and rumor will combine to stir up a lot of misunderstanding and hatred for Christ and His people. Pray that Christ will be lifted up and people will see His love shine in the midst of great evil.

Secondly, a news item concerning the millionaires in Russia was displayed. Please pray for our friends in Moscow. Elections are coming up soon and tensions are high. The police and other government officials are making life difficult for honest people, especially Believers.

It is very expensive to live in Moscow and our friends struggle to maintain their apartments and offices. As you can imagine, ministry is very difficult.

But God is able to break through the clouds of suspicion and difficulties. During the cold war with the USSR millions of Americans prayed for Russians to come to faith in Christ and those prayers were effective. I know of several people who suddenly and without human intervention developed a thirst for the Bible and Jesus Christ.

Pray for President Putin and his cabinet to develop an openness to God's will.

Pray for our friends to find space to minister that is inexpensive.

Pray for the good news to grow in acceptance.

Intercede for God's Spirit to prosper the Christians and their healing efforts.

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