Friday, November 23, 2007

Russian News

The Millionaire Convention in Moscow

While the working people and old folks live in poverty, there is a rise in the number of rich Russians. Sales people from all over the world are going there to sell luxury items like this diamond encrusted Mercedes.

In contrast to the oil magnates, oligarchs and criminals, Galina has just recently been able to get her computer on a high speed internet connection. And, we both recently signed up for Skype so we can chat very cheaply by voice and instant message.

Here is her financial situation. The current computer is a Dell that's ten years old and was given to her after being used for several years in the USA. Needless to say, Galina is not attending the Millionaires' Convention in Moscow.

Now Galina must get the new computer. When she finally gets her office up to date, the team can minister more effectively and efficiently. I have been i messaging back and forth with them this afternoon and it works wonderfully and inexpensively.

If you wish to do something special for Galina and the team in Russia this Christmas, send a donation to Sweeten Life Systems. We will arrange to buy a computer, pay for the high speed connection and get a printer, fax, copier and other supplies. They are quite expensive in Moscow but a friend has figured out ways to buy everything fairly inexpensively.

Send the donation today to:

Sweeten Life Systems
Memo: Galina
P.O.Box 498455
Cincinnati, Ohio 45249 with questions
Click for Galina's Web

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