Sunday, November 04, 2007

Short Trips

Karen and I have decided take short "Day Trips" to nice locations close to us for fun, recreation and golf. Last week we set off for Canonsburgh, near Pittsburgh, to visit son Timothy and wife Shelley with son Jack Donovan.

On the way there we called a couple of pre-sorted B&B's and really like the tone and price of one run by Steve and Tina Miller in Dresden, Ohio. Take a look at their place by clicking the link.

Both Steve and Tina are expert chefs and the food was unsurpassed in quality and quantity. I must comment on the "Monkey Bread" for it had to be as good as any bread I have ever tasted. Go see for your selves if you want to know what it is.

Karen and I had heard about the famous Longaberger Baskets of course but until we saw the area we could not have guessed what it was like. It is hard to imagine how the Longaberger family has done such an incredible job of building up the economy of the entire area.

I also played nine holes of golf at the Longaberger Golf Course, the #1 rated public course in Ohio. It is a very nice course but the greens are challenging. I just need to play a few more times to get the hang of things.

It is very beautiful in that region and I strongly recommend it as a nice place to visit.

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