Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Take a Look at A Dynamic Video

Welcome to the video age. We recently put together a six minute video to open the eyes of Seasoned Believers to the possibilities of continuing to experience a life of vitality, worth and interest. We used it to launch our Gathering in October and the response was great.

Click on the streaming video at http://wms11.streamhoster.com/s70x7/whatif_final.wmv
and see what you think. Steve Helterbridle is the workman who put it together with input from several others. Watch and post your responses. As the new book, Wikinomics says, "Peer collaboration is the life blood of future entrepreneurial activities."


Dino said...

Wow Gary, Let's talk about this sometime. Powerful thought. Powerful resource from the Lord. Have you read Reveal from Willow Creek? I am sure you have. They are singing your song. We may have wrongly identified people in the body of Christ who we thought were choosing to be difficult. Maybe some are the seasoned Christians who are tired of hitting the wall.

Gary Sweeten said...

Dino, In my book, Hope and Change for Humpty Dumpty I say that "Complaints are not requests for a change but a desire to be heard." Many of the most committed Seasoned Christians are ignored so they slip quietly off to another church or attend "The Church of the Inner Springs". Pastoral Care and Counseling are largely ignored in contemporary churches so Seasoned Believers have no support or input into the system.

I want to see those 50 million Seasoned Believers Unleashed into The Fourth Great Awakening. The future is in attending to that group because they have the wealth, wisdom and willingness to minister.

Gary Sweeten said...

Dino, I hope we can discuss these issues soon. You are a key many for building a creativ church future.