Friday, November 09, 2007

Socialism in our Future

It is hard for me to believe that the strongest and most prosperous nation in the history of the world would intentionally choose to destroy its economic and spiritual values by promoting socialism, but I fear I may have been wrong. For the past eight years the Republican Party, long noted as the party of Free Market Capitalism, has spent our money like a congregation of drunken pirates. "W" has thrown money at all kinds of projects with the willing support of the Left Wing Socialists we call The Democrat Party.

Is Ron Paul the only Capitalist running for the Presidency? The Democrat hopefuls are trying to outdo one another with wild promises of profligate spending for every partisan group in the country in a blatant attempt to buy our votes. Senator Clinton even went on CNN and called the oil company's profits "Obscene" and promised to take them away from the stockholders and distribute it to "The People".

Shades of Lenin and Trotsky! Do these people not realize how destructive that kind of policy is? Has she never visited or studied the USSR, Cambodia, China or the Eastern Bloc to see the devastation wrought by Socialism and the confiscation of private property? Those countries are still economic disasters. Is that what she wants for us?

America has the best economic system in the world because of capital investments and hard work. Why destroy it with policies that have failed miserably everywhere they have been attempted? Dependency destroys. Responsibility brings freedom.

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paula clare said...

Hey, oh seasoned believer...ever thought of running for office? You'd have MY vote!