Monday, April 06, 2009

How to be a Healthy Christian Sinner

I receive a weekly devotional with the name, Graced Again and it is generally quite good. Take a look at the following comments and see what you think.

A Gospel-centered life is the Christian Waltz. A waltz is a dance made up of three steps. Christians need to consider the Christian three step when it comes to growth.

In the first step, we acknowledge our need as we see our sin in light of the Law.

In the second step, we look to Christ to change us.

In the third step, we fight against sin and fight to choose righteousness in the strength of the Holy Spirit.

Repent! Believe! Fight!
Repent! Believe! Fight!
Repent! Believe! Fight!

An emphasis on the love and grace of God lays the dance floor, or the foundation, for the waltz. Unless Christians are convinced of God’s love for them and His favor over them by virtue of their union with Christ, they will minimize their sin and engage in blame-shifting and excuse- making in order to feel justified before God.

Unfortunately, many in the Church today teach believers a Two-step. The two-step is to simply repent and fight. They acknowledge their sin and proceed with new resolve to try harder to avoid sin. The problem with this approach is it bypasses the cross of Christ and the power of the resurrection. Bob Flayhart

Send me your comments on how to help Christian Sinners stay spiritually and emoionally healthy.

Gary Sweeten


Vicar of Vincennes said...

In the movie "Men In Black" the men flashed a light in front of people so that there mind would be wiped clean of any remembrance of aliens. This would be of such value to flash in front of a large majority of the masses who make up the numbers recorded on our church membership roles. If those carrying the truth of the gospel (I know....who are you to say you know the truth,and to that I say "oh come on, wake up and smell the roses."; I repeat if those enlightened with the truth of the gospel could flash one of those lights in front of the church masses...perhaps we could wipe out the 'work to secure your salvation' Look, HE pursued me, HE saved me, HE said HE was able to 'keep me'. I know the temptation is to DO SOMETHING. And I agree out of love I do want to do something. But I also believe and know from what HE said that if I choose to do nothing from this point on....HE is fully capable of keeping me....that is the beauty of with it!! Evangelical America and the Charismatics and others need to quit loading their followers down with guilt and condemnation.

Gary Sweeten said...

Now that is a radical idea. A light that would clean our minds of all the work-righteousness junk we have learned over the years and fill them up with the finished work of Jesus.