Saturday, April 18, 2009

Taxes and Patriotism

As you may have guessed, Norwegians are very patriotic. After paying a pretty high Income Tax, about 50%, they also must pay a Value Added Tax. Here is what the winner, Michael Cristiani said.

"In Norway, VAT is split into three levels: 25% is the general VAT, 14% (formerly 13%, up on January 1, 2007) for foods and restaurant take-out (food eaten in a restaurant has 25%), 8% for person transport, movie tickets, and hotel stays. Books and newspapers are free of VAT, while magazines and periodicals with a less than 80% subscription rate are taxed. Svalbard has no VAT because of a clause in the Svalbard Treaty. Cultural events are excluded from VAT."

Yep, and that is not all. After Income Tax, they pay 1/4 on almost all food and clothing. Just think, that every time you get a bottle of water, a sandwich, a candy bar or a sack of potatoes at the grocery store you have to add 1/4 to the price.

If your groceries add up to 100 US Dollars just add 25 more Dollars to that amount. This means if your salary is $50,000.00, and that would be high in Norway, you bring home $25,000.00 after taxes. Then, you must pay 1/4 of that amount in taxes when your purchase your food and clothes.

Additionally, cars have are taxed at 100% and gasoline is $10.00 per gallon. All this to stop people from driving so global warming will not kill us for at least 10,000.00 years instead of nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine years.

A Ford focus may cost $20,000.00 at the dealer so just double it. They pay another $20,000.00 to the government. Housing is higher than here as well so my Norwegian friends are financially stressed.

Why am I sharing this? Because this is the direction we in the USA are going. In few years our taxes, prices and utilities will match Norway. How will your like paying high taxes so our Congress Members can buy votes back home?

Got any tea?

Gary Sweeten

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