Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Ministry for the Long Haul

While in Norway I was struck by the importance of continuing God's call for the long term. Maybe that is why Paul said that we ought not grow weary when we are doing good thing.

It takes a long time for the seeds to fall to the ground, get covered up, bloom and grow and then produce fruit of their own. It was over twenty years ago That I met Jens-Petter Jorgensen in Nairobi, Kenya. We became friends and he invited me to teach in Oslo at a Pastors' Conference in 1986.

Many of the people who came to our many teaching and equipping sessions have grown in maturity, insight and wisdom and God has placed them in positions of influence. They have grown and developed in new ways because of the Holy spirit not me. God brought healing and power to so many good people back in the Eighties that something good had to happen! It did because they are spread out all over the world doing good things for Jesus.

So, don't grow weary as you keep the flock of God covered with grace and power.

Gary Sweeten


Vicar of Vincennes said...

How refreshing of a message Gary, sowing the Word..God's Word, living the life day out..the Word with time..God's time will produce exactly what our Father intends it to. One sowed, one watered and God gave the increase. Most believers think that if their testimony or act of kindness does not produce immediate results then their work was wasted. Nonsense, it is His seed, sow it liberally. I know, do not cast pearls before the swine...that is the exception and not the rule. Be faithful to live your life everyday as one who went out to sow seed....

Gary Sweeten said...

This points to my post about what Christians would "say" that can be written about. I am hoping that what we say is not so much in words but in deeds.

My Norwegian friends made a real significant mark at the resort by paying attention to the least of them, the waiters, bell hops and desk jockeys.

Connections were made and emails exchanged, prayers said for hurting people and hopefully friendships developed. The rest is up to God.