Thursday, April 16, 2009

Listening and Accomodating to Others

The more I study the research on counseling, influence, sales and leadership the more I am convinced that tuning in to others is a key to effectiveness.

The mind operates at least six times faster than we can talk. So, we are filling in the blanks when another person speaks. Instead of listening to them we listen to ourselves as six times the speed of their sound.

Today I met with friends Eric and Elaine Hansen. Eric made a great comment about the importance of developing great relationship skills. He went on to say how difficult it is to master those skills. "Learning soft skills is hard" he said.

I said, "Very hard" and we laughed at the fact that we are all "teachers" of soft skills but still find it difficult to practice them.

All it takes is humility, patience, gentleness and peace.

Gary Sweeten

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