Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Paying Taxes to be a Patriot

Joe Biden told us that it was patriotic to pay taxes. Why is he being so disrespectful to 42% of Americans? That is the percentage of US citizens who pay no taxes. I think Mr. Biden has insulted a lot of good citizens.

Norway must be filled with the most patriotic people on earth. While I was there last month I learned from my friends why prices for food, clothing, cars and everything else are so high. The government has a large Value Added Tax (VAT) on all those items.

What would you guess the percentage of an item is in Norway? Take a guess and the person who gets closest will get a prize. The prize is a copy of the book, "The Last Lecture".

Hit the comment section below and leave your estimate.

Gary Sweeten



TS said...

My guess is 50%

Warning: I won the Jelly Bean Guessing Contest at my state fair when I was 10. So I have a track record of results...

Gary Sweeten said...

This ain't no jelly belly contest. I will place your 50% estimate in the hands of a highly certified accountant who will keep it in a lead box, safely away from those who might jealously exploit your great guess.

Michael W Cristiani said...


Don't know if this is correct, since I just did a quick search on the "interwebs", but here is what Wikipedia has to say:

"In Norway, VAT is split into three levels: 25% is the general VAT, 14% (formerly 13%, up on January 1, 2007) for foods and restaurant take-out (food eaten in a restaurant has 25%), 8% for person transport, movie tickets, and hotel stays. Books and newspapers are free of VAT, while magazines and periodicals with a less than 80% subscription rate are taxed. Svalbard has no VAT because of a clause in the Svalbard Treaty. Cultural events are excluded from VAT."


Peace and All Good!

Gary Sweeten said...

Michael, You rascal. It is hard to get guesses these days with so much on the web.

Norwaegians pay pretty high Income Taxes and then add about 1/4 to that by VAT taxes.

Michael wins the book.