Sunday, June 14, 2009

African Hope

Many of us have prayed for Africa and sent money to support the ministries there. The American government has sent trillions of dollars to help Africa. How has it worked?

My good friends just returned from a ministry trip to Africa. They are deeply compassionate people and spend money and time giving themselves to help people in need. They returned beaming with warm remembrances of the people but faces lined with worry about the future of Africa.

According to my them, there are Non-Governmental Organizations on every corner. Most of them are dispensing money, medical services, advice and comfort to the people. They and Government Groups have been doing this for several centuries yet the situation is unimproved and even worse. Why?

It reasons are simple. The top leaders are corrupt. They despise their own people and see that as long as the people are poor, sick and traumatized the western nations will send them money. So, it pays to have sick, miserable people.

Take a look at this web site for some insights about what will help Africa.

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