Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Who are the Superstars?

I mentioned yesterday that Dr. Ralph Winters passed away. Today we get word that Ed McMahon died. In terms of doing the world good, which man had the greater impact?

Dr. Winter mobilized thousands of missionaries to take the good news to the world. He inspired tens of thousands of ministers and churches to be a blessing to those in need. He started a center for world missions, created a new way to think about outreach and developed plans so different mission groups could work together to have a great reach. He also wrote many books, numerous papers and spoke to millions while establishing a new college.

Ed McMahon served as a side kick for Johnny Carson. He appeared as a spokesperson for some brands and was seen many times on TV.

Which man was considered more newsworthy to the secular media? How does the world of news and entertainment decide what people are important? Are their values your values?

Gary Sweeten

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