Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Crisis in Christian Leadership

I wrote a paper some years ago about the issues of leading men and women jumping headlong into sinful emotional relationships and ruining the lives of many. I rewrote and posted it on my web page at

Once on the web page hit Pastoral Services. For the last several years I have been the 911 number on the speed dial of many ministries, churches and leaders. The worst part? The calls come after the person has destroyed himself and his "Soul Mate". The reputation is gone as is the wife, kids, friends, staff, position and ministry. Just look at the pitiful state of Governor Sanford.

I could have helped Governor Sanford when he and friends saw the signs and symptoms of an imminent collapse. Healing is possible and crises preventable. But strong men do not ask for directions or assistance.

If you are interested in the warning signs of a mental, emotional, sexual collapse, take a look at it and weep for those caught in the snares of the devil. But be careful because you may know people who are getting ready to jump off the cliff of no return and you may need to intervene. That takes guts and you will very likely lose your friendship.

Gary Sweeten

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