Monday, June 22, 2009

A Giant Passes into Glory

Dr. Ralph winter, one of the most influential Christians in history and certainly in the modern era, went to meet Jesus face to face yesterday. Go to this site for a video and overview of his work.

Many years ago Karen, Julia, Timothy and I went to Pasadena where Dr. Winters was building The US Center for World Missions. They were just taking over the campus of an old Christian college in Pasadena that had been rented for some years by an Eastern Cult. The place was filled with evil spirits and I taught them how to clean the place up before moving all those studentsand leaders into the buildings.

Ralph and his wife Roberta were brilliant and cutting edge on ways to reach the world with a special emphasis on Unreached Peoples. Roberta is the very first person I ever saw who took a laptop with her to take notes at conferences and meetings. The story is that Ralph learned his theology lessons by reading and listening to roberta tell him what was said in class and she learned because she attended and did all the papers. That may be true or not but it would not shock me either way.

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