Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sex and Marriage

All of us can see the growing disintegration of traditional family life. It is occurring all around us and the long term consequences are dire. The primary reason why America and Europe have been the leaders in world economics comes from our tradition of Christian faith and its support of marriage, family life and hard work.

Over the past few years Europe and America have abandoned the value of sex only withing marriage. It is obvious that sex outside marriage has occurred forever, but only recently has it become acceptable by the media, politicians and even some church spokespersons.

A new term has even been invented to describe what is happening in the media and among the youth. The term is, Hooking Up" and means that men and women have sex without any pretense of caring for each other let alone a commitment to each other.

While an Associate Dean at the University of Cincinnati i listened to a "famous" author from Yale University who traveled from campus to campus spreading his message of free and open sex. Like Johnny Appleseed, the famous evangelist of an earlier era, this man was planting seeds that would grow and produce a very lively crop.

Although I can't remember the man's name but he made millions of dollars and ruined millions of lives by telling college kids what they desperately wanted to hear. Namely that sex is just like breathing and it would be crazy to restrict either.

I can only hope that man has come to faith in Christ and repented of his gross sins because there must be a special place of heat reserved for him and his ilk.

The "sex education" classes at UC were also hot beds of hot beds. I know of many young men who took those classes over and over again just to meet the female students who were being stripped of their mental reservations about sex outside marriage. Those profs knew what was going on and happily took part in the charade of education while promoting what is essentially rape of unsuspecting young girls.

Why aren't we doing a better job of telling about the cost to women of these ideas? Why do we let old men teach such destructive myths and pay them with our taxes?

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