Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How to Communicate Effectively

I am still learning how to communicate. My friend Michael Cristiani has discovered a net technology that turns cold, hard numbers into visuals and makes the data come alive.

One of Michael's links is for Gapminder, a Swedish Professor's way of visualizing information that is amazing and insightful. I suggest you go to the link and enjoy how he presents his insights.

Michael also links to a site that uses Tableu technology to show his insights. It is fascinating.

I hope Pastors and Christian leaders will begin to use these technologies to train Believers how to track changes and how God is working in our midst. I am hoping Michael can train us to use Tableu to show the results of our research study on the felt ways we can support parents with special needs kids. Take a look at our updated web site to read more about the project.


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