Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mountain Top Economic Summit

One of the most interesting and exciting types of Christian creativity being done in our region is sponsored by Pastor Jim Vickers and the Valley Learning Center. In an attempt to promote Economic Entrepreneurial, Rev Vickers annually brings together local, regional and national entrepreneurs to share how they have been able to create new opportunities, new jobs and new excitement about our region. Cincinnati has one of the best and strongest foundations for economic and religious cooperation in the nation.
I was able to attend the Summit last year and experienced first hand the wide ranging expertise of people from the government, local companies, education, religious groups and individual entrepreneurs. The line up for 2007 looks even more interesting so I hope you can join with me and meet the great line up they have coming to Sharonville this year.
Here is a copy of an ad that will be appearing in the Citizen USA Christian Newspaper and other media outlets soon listing just "a few" of the speakers that will be at the Summit this year.
That's not all! Look forward to more information about the inspirationally explosive worship service that will kick the Summit off this year on Wed. Sept. 26 at the Lincoln Heights Missionary Baptist Church where Dr. Elliott and Virgina Cuff will act as host and hostess.
We will be blessed by guest Psalmist Minister P. Ann Everson Price and Pastor Billie Price, Bishop Bobbie Hilton from Word of Deliverance in Cincinnati, Oh., Bishop Tow Owens from Cleveland, Oh., Transformation Cincinnati, our friends from the CBN-USA, other Guest Preachers and dignitaries and the SUMMIT CHOIR.We look forward to seeing you September 26 - 29, 2007!!!

Rev. J. Vickers, Jr.
Call Valley Learning Center at (513) 771-1973 to receive more information and to register.

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