Friday, August 31, 2007

What Do You Think???

In the last post I wrote some pretty provocative materials. Now it is your turn.
I have been talking with several persons about these issues and we all find the research very interesting, but fairly confusing. Can you write in and explain your insights about what is happening here?
Maybe the story about Mother Teresa also fits in here as a parallel. Do you think her life is illustrative of the research by the Willow Creek team or is it a separate issue? Mother Teresa was obviously one of the most pious Christians in modern history and she faithfully served The Church and God but was without joy most of the time.
Do you all have an explanation for either of these stories?
I really hope to hear from those who have worked hard to lead people. Do you find this data credible? Are they off base or on target? What is happening in modern churches? Do you think we need to do some things differently?

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