Sunday, September 16, 2007

Darfur, Egypt and Israel

Most of us have heard the horror stories coming out of Sudan and Darfur. Yet, most of us were unaware of the pain and horror the poor people of Darfur are facing even in Egypt and Israel if they are able to escape from Darfur. The Egyptian situation is brutal and Israel has no "Room in the inn". Here is a photo of a woman and her two children after they have crossed the border from Egypt into Israel. As we can see, the Jewish soldiers, despite being generally hated by Islamic jihadists, are showing compassion toward the refugees. However, such compassion has implications for Israel for there are thousands of Darfur refugees who are clamoring to enter Israel and the 1000 or more who have already gotten over the border have few places to stay.

Thankfully, Dr. Eldon Clemm, an Israeli Jew who studied at the Hebrew Union College here in Cincinnati, had set up a ministry in Israel focused on reconciling Jews and Muslims. After some opportunities to see their desperate situation, he was convicted to reach out to the refugees as a way to fulfill his call.

You can send donations to:

The Olive Branch Institute
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Nikol said...

Good point. And what do you think of, for example, Shoher's attitude like here ?

Gary Sweeten said...

I have somehow missed why Egypt is not giving more aid to the people from Darfur. It seems that many of the refugees are of the same religion, Muslim, and Egypt has a great deal more land and people than does tiny Israel.

The USA, England and other mostly white countries with a Christian history have accepted refugees for many years and for the most part they have made great contributions to each country in which they have settled.

It seems quite compassionate for a small nation like Israel, that is surrounded by enemies on all sides, to open its heart to so many traumatized people.