Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Kudos to Jan Osborn

Jan Osborn is a lady who epitomizes resilience and Christian love. Jan and her husband Tim came to College Hill Church in 1978 with their two little sons. I did not know them well but over the next few years I came to know them quite well.

Tim came down with brain cancer and All of us at CHPC got very involved in praying for him and his family. When Tim passed away it was a terrible blow to all of us because the loss of such a young, vibrant man and father of two children touched a nerve deep within us. Our pain and disappointment were palpable and we made a decision to support Jan and the boys as well as other families distressed by loss.

About that time Maurie and Lorraine Loomans along with Karen and I came together to start a ministry of prayer, healing and growth with Lay and Professional Counseling. The founders chose the name Teleios Center to emphasize the goal of wholeness.

One part of Teleios was selecting and training counselors. When Jan approached us about pursuing a Masters' Degree to counsel children traumatized by death and loss we stood up and applauded and helped her attend UC. Jan became one of the best counselors and children's therapists in the region. I called upon her in several crises and she always responded with skill and care.

Many years later Jan left private practice to head the Teleios Center at CHPC. She restored it to a wonderful place of ministry in the church and the community. Last Saturday night Jan was celebrated as she retired after eight years of heading Teleios and Care Ministry at CHPC. She became known as a terrific trainer of Lay and Professional Helpers here and internationally. Many people gave voice to how Jane had ministered to them personally and professionally and we all cheered again.

Thanks Jan for your poise, grace, wisdom and love. Surely God is satisfied with the ways you have turned tragedy into triumph.

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