Saturday, September 22, 2007

Why Seasoned Believers?

From Cruising to Caring.

I just received a note from Steve Sjogren, who, as usual, asked a good question about a new focus of my ministry. "What is your goal for Seasoned Believers?"

The way I see it, most dynamic and growing churches are rightfully focused on outreach to younger people. They are "the future of the church," it is said. But that can lead unimaginative folks to adopt "Tunnel Vision" and neglect the older, wiser and more experienced Seasoned Believers out of the mix. That is a deadly mistake.

When Steve was "riding the wave" of an enormous surge in growth at the new church he had planted in Cincinnati, I gave him some sage advice: "Go recruit Seasoned Servants who can walk along side you and provide pastoral care, wisdom, finances and balance."

Steve quickly responded and invited Larry and Ellen Chrouch to join his team. They prayed about the invitation and soon heard the Holy Spirit tell them to accept the "job offer" as "Dollar a year" lay ministers. One of the reasons Sjogren has been so successful as a planter and leader is his willingness to break the molds around who can minister.

My goal is to inspire thousands of leaders and millions of Seasoned Believers to break the Certification Ceiling to leave the life of passivity and enter or re-enter some aspect service for Jesus. Our Movement will develop ways to inspire and Season the Souls of Christians tired of the padded pew and the cruise ship of living in a gated community and who long for meaningful ministry.

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