Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Seasoned Believer Movement Grows

It has only been a few months since our ministry, Sweeten Life Systems, launched a new thrust we are calling, Seasoned Believers Unleashed, and yet, we are getting enthusiastic responses from people all over the US and Europe.



Anyone who has known and served God for two or three decades knows that Conventional Wisdom does not have much positive to say about them. So, when we suggested that God has a very special plan for those with Seasoned Souls, they wake up and pay attention.
There are few places where people with enlarged souls can find their Center of Significance. Of the 35 to 50 million Seasoned Christians in the USA and Europe, most have served God and church faithfully. They have developed a lot of practical "street" wisdom at work, at home and in their neighborhoods.
Beacues there are so many Seasoned Citizens(TM) in the world, Seasoned Believers(TM) have a wonderful opportunity to influence tons of people. Several years ago I read that there has been a strong upsurge in conversions among people over 50 in the USA and Europe. Let's face it, we have enough collected Spiritual Insight and Wisdom for the World that all it needs is to be unleashed.
The ups and downs of life have knocked off the sharper edges of youth and they have an enormous reservoir of insight and biblical wisdom to pass on to the younger generations. Our ministry is focusing on all sorts of people, but mostly on the average man and woman who worked hard, saved their money, reared their children and have many common sense insights that other would find valuable.

Join us on October 13 or write to us about how we can help you and other Seasoned Saints who find ways to to pass your wisdom on to future generations. Leave a Legacy for the future.

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