Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Strange Educational Policies

Every once in awhile I read about schools suspending a young kid for committing an egregious crime like, drawing a stick figure of a person and a fire arm. I do it because I think it is further evidence of mental illness sneaking into our society under the guise of "security" or "politically correct thinking". Sometimes the only way to stop idiocy is to make fun of it.

For the second time in as many weeks, an Arizona eighth-grader has been suspended for drawing a gun--that is, for creating a visual representation of a gun, not for removing an actual gun from its holster. This time it happened in Florence, southeast of Phoenix:

The eighth grader at Florence's Walker Butte K-8 school was suspended for three days on Friday for sketching a gun during class.

Stephanie Vardarkis said her son, Joshua had drawn the images on index cards, sort of like a cartoon that included a stick figure holding a gun.

In one image, the boy included the name of the school resource officer. Rather than it being a threat, Vardarkis said the character was meant to be calling the officer for backup.

Larry Cline, a spokesman for the Florence Unified School District, said the student was told by the teacher to put the cards away. He didn't and the cards were confiscated. Cline said the cartoon content warranted suspension "because it is the intent of the district to provide a safe environment in which to learn."

Can anyone tell me what is unsafe about a ten year old kid drawing a stick figure?

In the Denver suburb of Centennial, meanwhile, "sheriff's deputies and bomb squad members searched Peakview Elementary School [Thursday] after a 10-year-old student reported receiving an image of an explosive device on a cell phone," reports the Rocky Mountain News:

The incident was reported about 9:30 a.m., and deputies locked down the perimeter of the school to make sure the building was safe, said Sheriff's Capt. Mark Fisher. . . .

A criminal investigation is continuing as authorities try to determine who sent the image to the student, he said.

It is no wonder that our kids are dropping out of school in droves. They have to worry about the cops showing up and shutting their school down if their cell phone receives "an image of an explosive device".

Every news program in America shows dozens of photos of bombs, guns, rockets, tanks, airplanes, helicopters, Humvee, foreign terrorists, IUD devices and other modern means of killing every hour of the day and night. Thus, any time a kid in school watches Fox News, CNN, ABC, CBS or the local news they can expect a squad of black vested men to swoop in and shut down their school.

"An investigation will be forthcoming to see who sent the image to the student," they say. Well, knock on any TV station door and you will find out who sent the image. Anyone who has a cell phone will find it near impossible to avoid seeing violent images as well as nudity, child porn, sex toys, ads for Viagra and pictures of Victoria's Secret and Hooters.

I sure am happy that the police are spending millions of dollars every year to discover who is sending dangerous and enticing images through the Internet.

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