Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Where Do Seasoned Believers Go for Teaching?

Several months ago I received an iPod as a gift from Van Cochrane, the Pastor of Cincinnati's newest Vineyard Church. I have been enjoying it a lot because I am using it to download quite a few pod casts as well as carry music around with me. In my view, it is much better at playing pod casts than for playing music in the car because the fidelity for automobiles is poor.

So, I have been subscribing to several groups' pod casts and downloading a fair number of their presentations for my times of exercise and driving. Here is my reaction. Not many of them are well produced, especially the Christian presentations. Most of the Christian pod casts are simply taped sermons with all their inside jokes and poor quality. And, worst of all, the sermons are skim milk for babies in the faith.

Rick Warren has a regular pod cast for pastors and leaders. They are mostly technical and strategic discussions about the church. Even Rick needs help in editing and thinking about how to make the presentations suitable for an invisible listening audience. Rick's discussions are the best of the Christian lot for mature or Seasoned Believers but there is still a need for some teachings for those of us who have been in Christ for many years.

Does your ministry or church have any program or ministry to the people who have known Christ for decades? If so, let us know what they are?

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