Monday, September 24, 2007

Research on Christian Growth

I just bought some copies of the latest research from Willow Creek on the high number of people who are dissatisfied with the church. Some 25% of the most committed members are so upset they say they will drop out in the next year. WOW! What a shock.

See the research summary called Reveal.

Carson Palmer

I think this research will hit the Seeker Centered churches like a ton of bricks. It will also shake up the rest of the church growth movement because it shows that Christians with any kind of years with the Lord are left out of the growth continuum of church life. It also reveals the startling lack of knowledge among Willow and other groups about how people grow and change. Their assumptions about growth that they discovered were wrong fly in the face of all educational, counseling, consulting and biblical knowledge, but these unlearned folks have led these churches for several years.
Carson Palmer did not learn to play football by simply listening to lectures. He had team mates, coaches, practices and drills. Too many leaders now confuse the pep rally with coaching. Pep reallies are exciting, fun, energetic and upbeat. Football practices can be hard work, dull, draining and you get beat up.
Willow Creek is one of the most influential churches in the world so this research is important. I admire them for sharing their insights with all of us.

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