Saturday, September 01, 2007

What is Christianity Supposed to Accomplish?

I am eagerly awaiting the comments from our readers. I know that the experiences, wisdom and insights from you far outweigh anything I can write.

I was talking with my son Timothy tonight and he made a comment about the fact that so many Seasoned Citizen Believers are bored and dropping out of church. His comment really struck me. He said something like, "This is very interesting Dad. The church is supposed to be a Launching Pad not a Landing Zone."

Who is helping you launch out into the creative zones of life with all your wisdom and insights? The Seasoned Citizen Believers who have served God faithfully for several decades have great Wisdom and it needs to be transferred to the next generation.
Remember, Harrison Ford, Indiana Jones himself, is 60 this year and we need the experience of guys like him and wisdom of folks like you.


Patti Blount said...

Hi Gary-
You asked the question in your blog,"Who is helping you launch out into the creative zones of life with all your wisdom and insights?" And I can say, none other than the Holy Spirit Himself. I am really interpreting your question my own way, but not really sure what you mean by it. Anyway, I believe I "hear" His nudging to pursue and connect with people of like interests as me, and while I am participating in those things with them and yield to the Holy Spirit, Jesus will minister to them through that. Could this be what it is "to be in the world, but not of it?" I know that this poetry group I am considering being involved in probably will not be followers of Jesus. I asked the Lord if this is what He wants me to do, and I believe I heard Him say, "Go and you'll know." So that's what I'm going to do. So, no man has helped me get to this place, but the encouragment of the Holy Spirit, Himself. I'll report on it on my Getting excited to see what He does.

Gary Sweeten said...

Patti, Thanks for the comment and the insights. It is awfully important for all of us to listen to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit before we launch out into the deep on any new venture. However, I have also seen churches and groups that did a great job og "Unleaching gifted believers" and encouraging them to try out new things and see what God was saying to them.

I have found that many people need an ordained "Minister" to tell them it is all right to be involved in the official ministry of the Lord.

I certainly want to hear the experiences of our readers so I can plan our new ministry develop more effectively.

Gary Sweeten said...

I forgot to say that poetry can be a very good place to represent creativity in the Spirit. Imagine that you might be the C.S. Lewis of poetry. Why not study great poets who are also believers and take inspiration from them?

No group has more influence in modern society than the creative class. I am thinking that we are entering an era of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial life among Christians.

Go for it!