Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Greatest Generation is Alive

Bob Robinson was a key speaker at both of our New Ministry Launches in July and August. It was there that we cast our vision of Seasoned Believers Unleashed to Love and Enjoy the Lord. In his presentation Bob made a statement that struck me deeply, perhaps because of its counter intuitive nature. He said something like, "I want to be a part of the Greatest Generation."

We usually think of the men and women who fought and defeated Hitler and Tojo as the Greatest Generation. The crosses shown in France indicate their sacrifice. They not only won our freedom they also build the USA into the greatest democracy in history.

They also birthed more children than any other generation in history and those kids have build upon the shoulders of their fathers and developed America into an amazing economic and spiritual powerhouse. The men and women who are over forty took the education, rights and freedoms they were given and became the most creative and entrepreneurial group of people in history. In the next twenty to thirty years that generational cohort will complete the greatest transfer of resources to future generations that the world has ever known.

The transfer of resources has two main components. #1. The transfer of Wealth. There are trillions of dollars in cash, stocks, real estate and bonds waiting to be accepted by the next generations. However, there is a cloud hiding behind that silver lining called, "debt".

So, there are two extremes represented here. Some of the current Seasoned Saints need to carefully plan how to transfer their wealth so it does not corrupt their heirs. The second group needs to plan how they can get out of debt and live on a reduced income without further draining their heirs. Both groups need to get their financial houses in order.

The other component is #2. The Transfer of Wisdom. The creativity, knowledge and experience of the Seasoned Saints can be easily lost unless churches, para-church groups, schools and community groups actively organize themselves to make sure our Seasoned Believers have avenues to share their experiences and insights.

This can be the Greatest Generation if it makes these two transfers with stewardship in mind. Just think of the wizened men and women you know who could use their experiences to maximize the insights of the next generations.

  • What if the Seasoned Believers in your area volunteered to be Mentors to schools two or three days each week?
  • What if the combined Wealth of your church was unleashed to provide college tuition for hard working young believers who would influence future generations?
  • What if the entrepreneurial insights of the creative class were brought together to solve world problems? Take a look at one crative approach in this film.

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