Friday, February 08, 2008

Change Management

Today I met with a bright woman who serves in Human Relations at a mid size company in Cincinnati where I am doing some consulting and coaching. The question of the motivation and interests that caused me to enter the field of change management.

You see that is who I am. I cannot imagine a life without being a change agent. I love to impact people. I want to see people grow and change for the better.

Ever since I was zapped by God while driving a 57 Fold Fairlane on Route #37 south of my hometown in southern Illinois, I have longed to be a Helper. After the ZAP I had a strong desire to attend college. "Why?" I was asked by the Career Counselors. I did not know what to say so I just mumbled something.

I taught school for five years and loved it because it is all about being a change agent. Kids arrive in school with a lack of understanding about many things. The do not know math, English, science or geography and I was able to teach them those topics plus many other things.

But the most important thing I learned in those five years was this: People learn more from each other and from home then they do from teachers. We do not actually teach the little buggers much but we can set the table for them to eat what is good for them.
I soon realized that to get the kids to change I had to get their permission to teach them. As the saying goes, "You can lead the horse to water but you cannot make him drink."

To that I added, "You can lead the kid to education but you cannot make him think."

Oh, how I wish other change agents knew that truth. Stick around and learn how to be a better change agent as a teacher, preacher, parent, salesman, manager, scientist, husband or CEO.

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