Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ignorance of Citizens

Have you seen the You Tube video of the beautiful young woman on the TV show who did not know Europe was a continent? She was also bumfuzzled about learning Hungary was a nation. Well, ignorance is not restricted to beauty queens in America.

I often read Norwegian papers because I have many Norske friends and have visited that beautiful land many times. I recently read that their largest paper, The Aften Posten, reported on a Norwegian reporter who ranked American Presidents from best to worst. It is an annual game in the US as well as Norway and it is a silly but harmless past time.

The Professor, Mr. Moen, ranked George W. Bush as the worst in history. That may be true. I do not know. What concerned me as his rationale for naming Mr. Bush the worst. Here they are: Bush started the Iraq War, he was wrong about Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, he defied international opinion on a host of other issues, from the Kyoto agreement to rules for an international court, and his tax measures have widened the gap between rich and poor.

Mr. Moen's opinions are as valid as your or mine. However, Mr. Moen has no right to offer wrong information. As you read his reasons, which are patently untrue. Not a matter of judgment, but false?

The first person to pick two of Moen's reasons that are false will get a copy of one of my books.

Click comments and tell me which are historically inaccurate.


Anonymous said...

(1) As far I as I can remember it was a United Nations mandated multinational task force that went into Iraq to arrest Saddam Hussein.
(2)I also wouldn't say that George Bush has defied international opinion. He hasn't always agreed with the opinion of other countries. That difference of opinion hasn't prevented the international criminal court from working effectively or prevented countries, including the United States, from making efforts to reduce Carbon Dioxide emmisions or develop alternative energy sources.

Peadar Somers (France)

Yes, I would be interested in receiving one of your books as I am presently living an organisational change conflict in our church here in France.

Gary Sweeten said...

Dear Brother,

I would be happy to send you my materials but you did not leave an address.

Anonymous said...

My address is:
Peadar Somers,
Chemin de la Roche,
01700, NEYRON,

Thanks in advance!