Friday, February 08, 2008

More Seasoned Friends

A few days ago a dear friend from the past, a Seasoned Believer, called to re-connect after several years of silence. She and I got together today for prayer, sharing and networking.

Angela Anno was involved in our ministry almost 30 years ago when she and several others in the Roman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement came to the Teleios Center at College Hill Church for training. I invited them to allow us to be trained how to set up their own Center for Growth and Healing.

The group grabbed the challenge The Reach Center for growth and ministry was born on the West side of Cincinnati. The Reach Center blossomed and bloomed and set up training programs all over the city and the nation.

Thousands of Believers were touched by the Holy Spirit and hundreds were healed, delivered and sent to minister to others. Several of the Reach Volunteers became Professional Counselors after finishing Graduate School.

I have always emphasized "Equipping Believers to teach fishermen and women how to fish. This was the approach of Jesus and it has been my approach at Teleios, EMI, Life Way Inc and Sweeten Life Systems.

Angela Anno is a perfect example of that strategy. She became a very skilled Peer Helper and Teacher at Reach. As a Peer Helper she provided care and counsel as good or better than that provided by a professional. As a result, many were significantly healed. Angela went to grad school and received her Master's in Counseling.

Angela has personally minister deep healing to hundreds of individuals, especially damaged children. She is a very therapist. But individual therapy is extremely limited in its scope and impact. It is far, far more effective, efficient and helpful to train lay volunteers to provide support and assistance to families so they can prevent a crisis than it is to wait until that family is in crisis.

Angela is providing leadership, energy, insight and hope to numerous organizations and groups in Greater Cincinnati. She is multiplying herself a hundred fold by training, consulting and coaching others. Keep up the good work Angela.

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