Thursday, February 14, 2008

Green is Good

Let me put my two cents in ffor going green in as many ways as possible. As a Believer I am committed to doing all I can to preserve that which God created. I grew up in open pit coal country and I saw the ugliness of leaving the pits ripped up. I know they can be cleaned up and smoothed over to be great parks, farms and building lots.
Once when I was serving as an oil filed worker I drove my car rather recklessly into the field where we were drilling and smashed a lot of corn plants. The driller, you can call him the boss, read me the riot act for tearing up a farmer's field. He was right. I was wrong.

Since those youthful hijenks I have become much more concerned about creation. I think it is wise as well as godly to tend that which God made.
Maybe my love of golf is partly my love of natural beauty. And, there is no doubt that nature helps me worship God and appreciate His glory. I remember when I visited the Rocky Mountains and had devotions sitting on a boulder. I felt very close to God and I was in awe.

So, let's admit that God is green

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