Sunday, February 17, 2008

Finally, An Answer for the Mainline Churches

I get a lot of requests to help mainline churches find renewal and new churches find ways to steal sheep from the Mainliners. As an Organizational Development Consultant I am all about finding ways to manage change or change the management.

Maybe better coffee is the answer!

One of the trickiest issues faced by older, more established churches is how to maintain their have.

New churches have the opposite problem. They want to know how to grow a new church and keep the ones who show up. (All this while finding enough money from young singles and families to pay the bills.)

The Mainline Churches are in a panic because they find the competition for new members to be a real challenge, especially while hanging on the the ones they have. Ron Tate, author of The Boomer Blog sent me a file made just for this purpose.

Take a look and call the team immediately.

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