Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Little Engine That Could

When our kids were young we looked for ways to inspire them to believe in themselves. One of the books that was available at the time to encourage children to take responsibility for themselves was "The Little Engine That Could". The book tells about a tiny locomotive that huffed and puffed until he was able to accomplish a very difficult goal.

In 1974 I was challenged by my doctoral committee to finish a dissertation and complete my doctorate. I was very insecure about my ability to do the research necessary to earn a doctorate. My fear of failure stopped me cold and I procrastinated until an Elder at church insisted that I make good on the commitment to finish the job.
I am so thankful I did. God showed up in a friend who told me about a training program that was right down my dissertation alley. The dissertation and my Doctorate was the key to unlocking the future God had planned for me.

Yesterday I received an email from a leader Asia. She and her husband, an Anglican Rector, were sent by Church officials from New Zealand to minister in Singapore. Anne and David eagerly invited our teams to their church to set up a care training center. Anne is now in Virginia working with the Anglican Renewal Movement and wrote to say the people there are also using our materials and model to disciple members in better relationships.

Thank God that I got the encouragement to face my fears and finish my doctorate in discipling Christian leaders. The little engine that grew out of my dissertation has expanded into equipping centers in over 30 countries. God is still raising up Believers by the thousands to build better marriages, develop good parents, empower healthy pastors and model the gospel. Our little ministry is used all around the world to "Heal the broken hearted and set the captives free."
We are still a small ministry with very low overhead but a huge impact. Because we partner with local leaders who take what we freely give and multiply it many times, our staff is small and we minister through networks of volunteers. Support Sweeten Life Systems and keep the "Little Engine" going.
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