Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hearing God-A lifetime of great relationships

When we left Pastor Don he was puzzled and fearful. He wondered what God wanted him to do about praying for divine guidance. Sure, he believed in following God from scripture but the Bible doesn't have anything to say about when to take a call to another church or how to unravel a badly mixed up marriage.

So, he asked God to reveal His will to a well known Lay Woman in the city when she was facilitating a meeting of leaders. Later in the day she called Don and said God had given her a strange insight during prayer.

"I was very surprised that I had a picture of you popped into my head. I saw you from a distance this morning at the meeting. But since we never spoke I was shocked when the Lord brought you to mind. Then I heard a voice say, 'Tell Pastor Don to seek me like he did in college and I will be with him.' Does that make any sense to you Pastor?"

Pastor Don: "Yes, indeed. I know exactly what I to do. In college I met with a small group of friends and we worshipped for thirty minutes or so and then went silent and listened to see what He had to say. Almost every time we had inner guidance about leading the student gatherings on the weekends. We were able to agree on what to teach and the issues that might arise so we could be prepared. I need to find a group of people at my church with whom I can pray and seek His voice. He is saying for me to not be afraid of seeking His voice."


paula clare said...

Hi Gary,
So much of what God wants to share with us has to be done "on the fly"...while we're going from here to there or in the two or three minutes we devote to our "daily devotions". This lent, I have heard a clarion cry from both the Holy Spirit and my heart to "Be Still and Know that I am God." I have been INTENTIONAL about building silence into my day...and I am going to lead a silent retreat at the church...just in case there are more Seasoned Believers who, feel as I do...who feel as Don did, that sometimes we don't know because we don't ask. And sometimes when we ask, we don't take time to listen. How will we ever know the voice of God if we are perpetually drowning it out with busy-ness or lives that are lived without margins and boundaries?

Gary Sweeten said...

The static of all the things we "DO" for God often blocks us from being "WITH" our Father. I am way to active and need daily to rest in Him.