Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hearing God

When we asked Seasoned Believers what topics they wanted us teach, over 90% said two things:
1. How to rest or abide in Christ and 2. How to hear the Lord speak to them.

On March 15 we will spend a half day focusing on those two issues. Our time will not be just theory. We have a design that will take theory and make it practical. We call if, TIPS: Theory Into Practical Skills.

One brief morning is not a lot of time to learn the ways to rest in the peace of Christ and hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. But it is enough. God wants us to hear Him and He is speaking to us all the time.

About forty years ago I read a book on Dialogue Prayer by missionary Roz Rinker, and it was simple, clear and wonderful. I will share her approach to prayer and hand out her principles.

Write me at gsweeten@cinci.rr.com if you are interested in drawing close to God on Saturday, March 15.

Gary Sweeten

Coach to Seasoned Believers

Consultant to Seasoned leaders

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